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    Art as the answer to tomorrow's challenges

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    Colruyt Group presents the supermarket of the future.

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Experience Your Future ! Live it in Living Tomorrow !

Our mission is “we cannot predict the future, but we can invent it, together”

Living Tomorrow is a unique concept in the world and is situated in Brussels. It’s a meeting place for innovative companies, where they can show the visitors their products and services which will improve our quality of living and working in a near future.
Social, economical and technological developments are observed and are translated to realistic and recognizable applications in our complex (80% of the shown solutions are ready to go on the market, 20% are visions for a further future).

Also, the project and its participants want to start a lively discussion between us as “future consumers” and companies, to learn what we find important in our future life.
In this way Living Tomorrow is able to show not only techniques and services of today and tomorrow, but can also invite everybody to exchange ideas and actively participate in that future.
The project and its participants are curious for the experiences of the visitors, ask questions, explain, really want to know what people think and feel about their propositions.
We are a unique innovation-marketing platform for companies, consumers and governments where co-creations and visions lead to successful innovation.
Innovation goes quicker and quicker.

Bill Gates said at the opening of our project on March 16th, 1995 : “The way we live will be different in the future. The advances in pc technology and low-cost communications are changing our lives dramatically. I think a project like Living Tomorrow - where you are brainstorming about what is possible and you’re getting people to come, look, and talk about what this all means – is really fantastic… I am certainly impressed with what I’ve seen…”.

If you are old enough, think back to the end of the 80’s. The way we lived and worked. No internet, email, smartphones, interactive television, 3D cinema or sound, U.S.B. or streaming music. No LED lights, GPS, mobile phones, e-books, podcasts, computer animation, robots, DNA analyses, laser therapy, hubble telescope, drug coated stents and so much more.