The “Graham’s Port Dinner” is planned to highlight Graham’s high-quality Port wines. It is worth knowing that Graham’s is one of the biggest producers of aged tawnies today. The old vintages come from Quinta dos Malvedos, the Symington family’s estate in the Douro Valley.

During the dinner, you and your fellow connoisseurs will be treated to a masterclass by Filipe Pinto da Silva, a member of the Symington team. You can count on a clear, professional explanation of the wines you will be tasting in the course of the meal.

Our chef, Marc Clement, is very proud to be an ambassador of Graham’s Port!



6.30 pm


7.00 pm

Graham’s Port Dinner & Masterclass


Oyster - Apple - Cucumber

Cocktail Graham’s Finest  
Dry White port


Blackened cod – Cauliflower – Hazelnut

Graham's 20y tawny


Smoked Oosterschelde eel – Foie gras – Beetroot

Graham’s 30y tawny


Roe deer saddle BBQ – Cherries – Girolle mushrooms

Malvedos Vintage 2004


Chocolate – Merlot vinegar – Raspberry

Six grapes Graham's choice


Nespresso and Bru water