The Public Event at Living Tomorrow has become a regular event. On this day, the general public can come and experience the future. In addition to the vast demos, there will be an extra "experience" for you.

And yes, you've seen it correctly: our next Open Day falls on 21 April, Easter Sunday!

Naturally we will be providing special "Easter experiences". For example, you can catch the Easter bunny on the Lü Interactive Playground ... or gather virtual Easter eggs in our demo zone. A fun alternative to the usual Easter egg hunt... and much healthier, right?

You can register now!


The Lü Interactive Playground ... interested in giving it a try?
Guaranteed fun for young and old!

With thanks to our partner Sportwerk for making this available. 

Raven is also present with VR and the hololens and Tech4Fun with the mini segway!
Or get to know Témi, your "personal robot" ... thanks to QBMT / Zorabots



Guided tours and future experiences run all day between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.