Twice a year, Living Tomorrow opens its doors to the general public. The next such occasion is on Sunday 21 October. This edition is focusing on the theme of "experience". In particular, the "sports of the future" will be given extensive attention.


Where and when will people engage in sports in the future? Which sports will be popular? Which sports clubs are the most "future proof"? What role will technology play in sports? How do we deal with that? How can we get people to engage better, longer and more often in sports and exercise?

Technology today means that our society is changing faster than ever. In sports, as well, technology is offering many new possibilities: from the VAR to data analysis, from digital coaches to new sports, from community to marketing. Not even mentioning artificial intelligence, gene technology, 3D printing, etc.

If you would like to get a taste of what technology can do for sports, then come to our Open Day and immerse yourself in the virtual sports environment, for #sportspeoplelivelifemoreintensely!

A VR experience, in collaboration with our partner Sport Flanders and with Raven.

Also on the programme:

- program our robots

- follow the drone flight of an airobot (in collaboration with DCI Drones)

- take a test drive in the electric Biro cars 

- drive along in one of the Tesla's from EV Belgium. The Tesla Roadster from VitaeMobilty will be there also!

- taste the delicacies of SHAK'EAT

- visit the pop-up of the Open BioLab, the Uber of the labs and test the Hololens of Fablab Brussels (Erasmus University)



In addition to art works by contemporary artists Panamarenko, Koen Vanmechelen, Fred Eerdekens, Peter de Cupere, Nick Ervinck, Ulrike Bolenz, Athar Jaber and Sergey Dozhd, there is room at Living Tomorrow for PsycArt artists as well: Bruno Gérard, Nils Dieu, Mireille Dubois, Frédéric Etienne, Luc Derck, Nancy Oliver, Vital Van Kriekinge, Philippe Da Fonseca and Kim De Veylder.

The exhibition will set the public before the immaterial activity and reflection of the creative brain, as expressed in artistic output. 

The exhibition challenges the art world to take a look behind the known scientific facts that can guide the public to discover unknown dimensions. Starting out with a perfume bottle by Kazimir Malevich, the exhibition continually plays on the boundary between the material and the immaterial.




10u - 16u

Doorlopend rondleidingen en "experiences"