How will A.I. shape the future of medicine

Although Artificial Intelligence (A.I. has existed as a discipline for over half a century, the real breakthrough has only happened in the last few years. A.I. is now making huge advances and we can't even avoid it in medicine. Ghent University Hospital (UZ Gent) is one of the pioneers of A.I. in Belgium. On the 25th of October, alongside other international top speakers, Living Tomorrow and Ghent University (UGent) will bring us up to date on the current situation and give us a glimpse of the future at the 'How will A.I. shape the future of medicine' conference.

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Public Event October 2018

We can look back on an already very successful edition of our Public Day. Enjoy it!

Thanks to our partners Sport Vlaanderen, VitaeMobility and The National Lottery and to all other parties that cooperated to make this day a truly innovative experience!

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Belgocontrol and Living Tomorrow examine future of air traffic control

Aviation in general and air traffic control in particular are in constant development. Belgocontrol closely monitors evolutions in the sector and prepares for the future. The company wishes to play an active part in that future, not just in the field of aviation safety, but also in other social respects, economically as well as ecologically and socially. That is why Belgocontrol already took initiatives regarding noise protection measures, wind turbines and drones and started a number of research projects involving specific aspects of its operations with various universities.

By participating in the Living Tomorrow project, Belgocontrol wants to examine the future of air traffic and of air traffic control. Research starts from very specific questions that are raised in the sector: what are the stakeholders’ needs, how will our environment evolve, who will be the future players in both manned and unmanned aviation,…?

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Living Tomorrow in 360°

Thanks to our partner "Ghently", you can have a peak preview of what Living Tomorrow has to offer in 360° ! Watch the movie on your Google Chrome browser, or on your smartphone in the YouTube app for an even better experience. Have an nice walk !

Ambulance Drone - Future Health Project

There’s no way around it: drones are here to stay. The latest area of application of drones is the healthcare sector. Living Tomorrow helped develop the so-called Ambulance Drone, a design that has won several awards already.

Carehome of the Future

In the Carehome of the Future, people can experience first-hand how technological and other innovations can drastically improve and simplify the lives of our senior citizens. It also showcases healthcare solutions that can benefit the broader public.

Colruyt Group introduces supermarket of the future

The Supermarket of the Future project by Colruyt Group offers a glimpse of what our supermarkets may look like in the future. The project incorporates numerous intuitive, user-friendly technologies.


Discovery Channel - Living Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow has gained international acclaim and is a source of inspiration to many reputed television networks.

House of the future

This mini tour within our demo area offers a sneak preview of what to expect during one of our in-depth tours.

Agriculture of the Future

Press conference – Living Tomorrow – Agriculture of the Future – with Herman Van Rompuy (Chairman of the TomorrowLab Advisory Board) and Piet Vanthemsche (Chairman of the Belgian Farmers’ Union).

The future of agriculture, horticulture and our food supply

This video introduces the following theme: "The future of agriculture, horticulture and our food supply". The Belgian Farmers’ Union, Rural Associations and Living Tomorrow are currently developing an interactive platform within Living Tomorrow Brussels that demonstrates and integrates innovative solutions for the agricultural, horticultural and food industries. This project is carried out in partnership with several organisations, businesses, research centres and educational institutions. New concepts, products and services are put in the spotlight, including start-up initiatives.