In preparation of the Living Tomorrow Hackathon that will take place on December 9th and 10th 2019, 24 partners of Living Tomorrow and TomorrowLab joined a “Hack & Lunch Ideation Session”.

During the Ideation Session, the participants tackled our larger-than-life challenges, such as Circular Economy, Climate Change Adaption and Energy Transition.
After exploring the challenges, the teams created different missions within these challenges. To name a few:

  • How might we introduce circular thinking in construction waste and material?
  • How might we tackle natural disaster outcomes into benefits?
  • How might we change law making processes in order to accelerate innovation in CCA and energy transition?
  • How might we educate youngsters in circular design thinking?

These larger-than-life challenges and a selection of the “How might we’s” will be tackled head on in our Hackathon on 9 & 10 December.


Want to join the Hackathon? Info & registration: