On Sunday 22 April, Living Tomorrow will once again open its doors in Brussels (Vilvoorde) to the general public. This edition is devoted entirely to the topic of mobility in the future: electric cars, drones, smart street lighting and street furnishings, charging stations for e-drivers, and more. Visitors will be plunged into a world of innovation and experience.

It is estimated that by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will be living in urban areas. How can we keep the city liveable? Easy: by making it smarter and more sustainable. Mobility will play a major role in this. Public transport with appropriate waiting spaces, electric and self-driving cars, smart road surfaces and innovative street lighting. During the open day, the guides at Living Tomorrow will show visitors the latest state of play.

The guided tour then moves on to other topics to do with housing, living and working in the future. What kinds of sustainable technologies will further optimize our energy use? Or how will smart appliances in the home be integrated in order to make our lives even more agreeable? What about the evolution of health care? And will we soon all be wearing “smart clothing”? 
Plenty to think about!

Living Tomorrow seeks to provide its visitors with an experience centre focused on innovation and to get people to think about the future in an entertaining manner. On Sunday, 22 April, there will be continuous guided tours between 10 am and 4 pm. In addition to the tours, we will also be offering additional experiences such as a test ride in the electric cars by Tesla, Mercedes, BMW and Bìro, virtual reality experiences with Raven and drone flights.


More information is available on www.livingtomorrow.com.