On Sunday, 21 October, the general public can once again explore the future at Living Tomorrow. Sport in the future, health care, electric vehicles and a wide range of other future visions are given ample attention. Visitors will be plunged into a day full of experiences of the future. 

Sport in the future

Where and when will people engage in sports in the future? Which sports clubs are the most "future proof"? What role will technology play in sports? How can we get people to engage better, longer and more often in sports and exercise?

Technology today means that our society is changing faster than ever. In sports as well, technology offers many new possibilities: from the VAR to data analysis, from digital coaches to new sports, from community to marketing. Not even mentioning artificial intelligence, gene technology, 3D printing, etc.

Sport Vlaanderen, a partner of Living Tomorrow, will demonstrate at the Open Day how we may be engaging in sports in the future. Visitors can explore a virtue sport environment to their heart's content, gaining a foretaste of what they will be able to experience in Bruges from November onwards at the Sportscube by Sport Vlaanderen.

Experiencing the future

Nothing is quite as much fun as trying out how we will be living, working .... or driving in the future! During the Open Day, you can take a Tesla Roadster for a test drive or, if you prefer something a bit more modest, a Biro car.

Are you interested more deeply in science? Or feel like experimenting a bit for yourself? In that case, you must be sure to take a look at the pop-up of the Open BioLab, the Uber of labs, or try out the Hololens by FabLab Brussels (Erasmus College).

Or do you prefer programming the robots at Living Tomorrow? Or perhaps following a drone flight by an airobot? The future comes very close indeed on the Open Day at Living Tomorrow.

When you get peckish, you can go for some sustainable snacks and drinks from Shak'Eat, for the food sector is also in full innovation mode.

Focus on innovative art

In addition to art works by contemporary artists Panamarenko, Koen Vanmechelen, Fred Eerdekens, Peter de Cupere, Nick Ervinck, Ulrike Bolenz, Athar Jaber and Sergey Dozhd, there is room at Living Tomorrow for PsycArt artists as well: During the Open Day you will be able to see PsycArt artist Luc Derck live at work. During a brief art tour, you will be given some exciting background information to the art works, and you can find out why those precise works were chosen to be exhibited at Living Tomorrow. Fun for adults and children alike.

In sum, for a day in the world of tomorrow, you have to be at Living Tomorrow on 21 October.

Practical details

Open Day at Living Tomorrow
Sunday, 21 October 2018
Guided tours run all day between 10.00 am and 4:00 pm.

More information on www.livingtomorrow.com