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So you've just had an immersive exploration in our digital experience centre! A taste of how we will live, work and move around in the future. We developed this vision with more than 80 partners. And these partners have plenty of exciting things in store for you. Find out here - in our digital goodiebag!

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Check out the possibilities of RobotStudio and try it for 30 days

At Living Tomorrow you can experience a virtual spectacle with special glasses of what the robot can do. Check out what RobotStudio can do for you online and try it for free for 30 days.


Digital Banking Experience Report 2023: The AI-enabled banking era

Banks accelerate AI adoption amid growing Big Tech threat and customer demand for enhanced personalisation and digitisation.

Traditional Banks are facing unprecedented customer pressure to digitise with Artificial Intelligence emerging as a critical component for banks to meet these expectations and dramatically improve bank performance and processes, according to the findings of Sopra Steria’s Digital Banking Experience Report 2023.

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Akkodis Thinkers & Makers Magazine

With our Smart Industry tech magazine, we share transformational stories and advanced knowledge on technology and engineering from our people who make incredible happen and drive the Smart Industry forward.

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Market study on the usage of ICT in Belgian companies

Every two years, we research the business market about developments in ICT. Check this 2-page infographic for highlights of the results or ask us for the full report.

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BWT Catalogues

Discover the best products, equipment, technologies, and services in all areas of water treatment. Check out our catalogues and contact us!

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BWT Showroom

Eager to learn more about all BWT's areas of expertise? Follow our virtual tour and discover why BWT is Europe's leading company in water treatment.

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BWT Voucher

Join our BWT water home club and receive a €10 discount voucher for your next purchase!

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Innovation in site monitoring

We invite you into the world of site monitoring with HD cameras and real-time data. Discover the possibilities of AI for project monitoring and communication and receive a gift for your next project.

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Cordeel Group | Sustainability report

Sustainable business is not a fashion trend for Cordeel, but a way of doing business. Join us in our mission for a better future and explore how our innovations can improve your (construction) project.

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Dôme Deco Virtual Showroom Tour

Be enchanted by the power of cosmopolitan living. We aim to inspire the people that have the world at their feet. Throughout the years we studied all details of the production process, which allows us to deliver a complete interior concept with a strong identity. Refinement and a divergent way of thinking and acting are evident.

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Geberit AquaClean Experience

Experience for yourself the feeling of cleaning with water in our AquaClean Experience Centre. You will have the chance to discover and test all shower toilets.

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GF Virtual Wonders

Do you ever wonder why without any piping systems , you wouldn’t be able to read your emails, nor scroll up or down your social media, or have a glass of water, beer, gin or wine to overcome the panic and I didn’t even think about driving home in your full electric vehicle?

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Help build the care of tomorrow

As a cooperative organization, Multipharma strongly believes in solidarity. Together with Doctors of the World, we share a common mission: to make healthcare accessible for all. Help build the care of tomorrow and make a donation.

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Think NXT

Get you free tickets to THE ICT event of the year! Come witness endless opportunities for innovation at Thinks NXT.

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Indoor climate comfort for all

Comfort delivered is our promise to all our customers. To help create sustainable indoor climate comfort, at Purmo we are dedicated to delivering leading heating and cooling solutions and services.

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Whitepaper thermal insulation

How will thermal insulation and energy efficient techniques affect the energy score of your building? Download the whitepaper and read all the conclusions based on a detailed study.

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How much will I save by insulating?

Wondering how much you can save by insulating your roof, exterior walls or floor? Use the free calculator and calculate your savings in 4 easy steps.

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Discover our complete system bible in one clear overview

Discover our complete system bible with window, door and façade solutions for buildings. View the ultimate design overview, read how we contribute to a more sustainable construction industry and what we can do for you in every phase of the construction process.

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Win a strategy session with our CEO!

Unlock the future with us! Celebrate our new branding and win a strategy session with Pieter Lesage, CEO of Studio Dott. Leave your details to seize the chance. Design your impact for a future-proof world!

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