It’s time to expect more from a fire detection system

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Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that allows system integrators, service providers and building owners to deliver an enhanced fire safety service while maximizing the performance of Honeywell's trusted detection and alarm systems.

Less disruption and better compliance with fire safety investment

Building owners seek less disruption and better compliance with their fire safety investments. Under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources, they play a crucial role in fire safety and are looking for new solutions that provide peace of mind.

Productivity and fire safety improved by digitalization

System integrators and installers across the fire protection industry are under pressure to achieve more with fewer resources while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Honeywell CLSS places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, with visibility for timely and accurate decision-making. The CLSS platform harnesses the power of hardware and software, and the way systems are designed, installed monitored and maintained. Whether you want to streamline commissioning, increase service productivity or have anytime, anywhere access to reporting, CLSS supports it.

Easy up-to-date reporting

CLSS maintains a complete archive of electronic records, date-stamped with technician references. These electronic records are available anytime, anywhere on a secure cloud server, reducing the need for complicated excel files or cumbersome paper archiving.

Faster and more efficient testing and maintenance

CLSS enables faster testing and inspection, with the assurance that no device is missed. With bluetooth connectivity of multiple devices in one facility, CLSS allows multiple technicians to actively test an installation; or even one technician can test and reset a panel from anywhere in a building, eliminating the need to walk back to the panel during testing.

A system that grows with you

As your business grows, CLSS is your source for innovative software to increase your revenues and provide industry-leading solutions to your customers. CLSS is constantly evolving, always with your needs in mind. Whether you want to increase revenue, improve efficiency or want a real-time overview of all your facilities, CLSS is your tool for the future.

CLSS offers building owners and managers fire safety systems with the same usability and connectivity as other building management systems.

CLSS achieves this with a user-friendly app available on PC or mobile device. CLSS builds on the trusted integrity we have with our channel partners. You can rest assured that your user data is secure and only accessible to you.

'Self-Test' detectors raise the bar for fire safety

Our modular and expandable fire alarm controllers, NOTIFIER INSPIRE™, as well as our ground-breaking NOTIFIER 'Self-Test' series of detectors take fire and life safety to the next level. These self-testing detectors connect to Honeywell's NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ panel and CLSS gateway to enable remote testing with real smoke. This means any device can be tested at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for full access to hard-to-reach, occupied or high spaces, and drastically reducing the time needed for a thorough inspection.

Minimal disruption & maximum control

By harnessing the power of these top-of-the-range, integrated solutions, technicians do not need full access to occupied spaces to carry out time-consuming smoke and heattest and inspection. Instead, they can perform a functional self-test and then perform a quick visual inspection from outside the room; saving you and your occupants or building users the hassle of unwanted interruptions. These solutions also reduce the number of technicians needed on site and the time they spend there. A process that normally takes days and weeks becomes hours and minutes.

Compliance at hand

Because the process is automated, our system ensures that no devices are overlooked. Once all devices have been properly and thoroughly tested, digitized compliance reports are delivered at the touch of a button. No spreadsheets, manual overwriting, and weeks of delays. Honeywell's CLSS retrieves the required identification data electronically, providing access to detailed, complete reports, anytime, anywhere.

The efficiency you need

Access to real-time information, giving you instant insight into maintenance and the ability to take appropriate action immediately if required. Remote troubleshooting allows technicians to diagnose before they arrive on site, making the first cost savings an immediate reality.

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