BWT Showroom

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Eager to learn more about all BWT's areas of expertise? Follow our virtual tour and discover why BWT is Europe's leading company in water treatment.

Learn and be surprised by all the innovative, state-of-the-art products and services offered by BWT

Spoiler alert: you’ll find BWT wherever you come into contact with water, whether it’s clean, soft-touch water at home, water to enhance the taste of food in restaurants, ultrapure water for pharma & biotech or water for building & industry technology. And much more!

Our main task is to develop products and services with the most advanced and innovative technology for water treatment, to ensure the best water quality. So you can feel the difference with all your senses while taking care of our planet. Water is our mission!

"We are dreaming of a world where everybody has access to safe and healthy drinking water. This mission drives us to develop worldwide leading technologies to make out of any locally available water - healthy, tasty, mineralized drinking water - without the need to produce and transport bottled water. A win-win solution for people and environment!"

Andreas Weißenbacher

Founder & CEO BWT

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