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A window into a world of unlimited possibilities: where we explore the boundaries of innovation and technology, embrace trends in sustainability and scrutinise exciting developments in tomorrow's world. We aim to excite and enthuse you with our insights and stories. Enjoy!

Foto TRIXXO Living Tomorrow

TRIXXO and Living Tomorrow join forces to shape the future of work

TRIXXO, Belgium's fastest-growing service voucher and temporary employment specialist, signed a partnership with Living Tomorrow, the renowned conceptual innovation center. Through this collaboration, both parties commit to defining and shaping the workforces, workplaces and work processes of tomorrow, also known as 'The Future of Work’.

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Vandersanden launches Pirrouet®: the first CO2-negative facing brick

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden is launching the very first CO2-negative facing brick on the market under the name Pirrouet®. One tonne of Pirrouet® facing bricks absorbs up to 60 kg of CO2 during the curing process and throughout its lifespan. This breakthrough is due to a unique industrial application of carbonation technology.

Climate Bottle Festspielhaus

Redefining Sports and Cultural Sponsorships for Event Sustainability

Have you ever witnessed the aftermath of an event, strewn with overflowing waste and discarded disposables? The thrill of the occasion fades faster than we'd like, leaving a discomforting sight in its wake. Such scenes can send shivers down the spine of anyone who cares about our environment. But fear not, for BWT's event partnerships are here to put an end to this cycle.

BWT8145 LYT V01 min

Drinking sustainably: mineralized local water

Lean back and look around you. Look at your desk, have a peek inside your fridge or in your bathroom. How much plastic can you spot? Nowadays, plastic is part of our daily lives. You can find it in every aspect of your daily routine: Your computer, fridge, thermos flask, toothbrush, shampoo - and the list goes on! Can you imagine a life without plastic? It´s not easy, right?


Recticel launches new range of bio-circular insulation solutions

Recticel introduces a new range of polyurethane insulation boards containing 25% bio-circular raw materials, calculated in accordance with the Mass Balance principle.

CLSS Key visual no text min

It’s time to expect more from a fire detection system

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that allows system integrators, service providers and building owners to deliver an enhanced fire safety service while maximizing the performance of Honeywell's trusted detection and alarm systems.

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