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A window into a world of limitless possibilities: where we explore the frontiers of innovation and technology, embrace trends in sustainability and scrutinise exciting developments in tomorrow's world. We want to excite you with our insights and stories. Enjoy!

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WORLD WATER DAY: Choices, solutions, and actions for a better tomorrow

Smart Health & Care
Smart Home & Out-of-home

Hey there, water enthusiasts! Today is World Water Day, a day to celebrate water as a unifying force and a fundamental human right. This annual event serves as a much-needed reminder of the importance of freshwater, the global water crisis, and the need for sustainable development of water resources.

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8 cybersecurity trends & threats for 2024

Mention the word ‘cybersecurity’ today and the term AI is not far behind. But the cyberattack footprint extends much further. On the other hand, new and solid defence mechanisms are also available. Proximus NXT and its security partners explain.

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Acceleration in ICT virtualisation changes business operations fundamentally

Smart Work

What fundamental technological developments will help shape the future of businesses in Belgium? Benoît Simon, Enterprise Market Strategy Lead at Proximus NXT, explains.

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How sustainability and hygiene put even more beauty into travel

Gentle to nature, gentle to the skin. High-quality hotel amenities contribute to well-being and play an important role in creating memorable moments while travelling. Away from home, guests expect not only carefully chosen brands and designs, but also products that are sustainable and safe. ADA Cosmetics meets these demands with its expertise and proven dispenser systems, such as the squeeze dispenser SmartCare, as well as a new pump dispenser that sets out to revolutionise the dispenser market.

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Extreme Networks: a textbook example of how to make the most of your partnership

Extreme Networks is playing a crucial role at Living Tomorrow by sharing their vision of the networking of the future through an interactive demo in the Zone City. This demo makes their vision of the future tangible for visitors, giving them a clear idea of the possibilities of future networks.


Q8 Innovation and Digitalisation Training

Smart City & Industry

We are excited to share the latest developments in our collaboration with Q8 as they continue their exciting transformative journey. As part of its ongoing transformation program, Q8 International is dedicated to enhancing its core competencies in innovation, digitalisation, and agility.

Their primary goal was to instil new capabilities in these crucial areas, fostering a common language among team members and promoting collaboration across different departments and operating units. In collaboration with Tomorrowlab the Q8 Innovation and Digitalisation Training was born.

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