5 reasons why you should join the Innovator Awards

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Living Tomorrow and FTI SuperNova, both renowned for their continuous pursuit of innovation, proudly present the first edition of their Innovator Awards on March 20th, 2024, at Waagnatie in Antwerp. Why should you mark this date in your calendar and attend? We will give you 5 good reasons!

Win an Innovator Award

Has your company, organisation or consortium successfully completed an innovative project or launched an innovative product in the past two years? Then you have a chance at winning one of our Innovator Awards, since you can submit your project or solution until February 17, 2024. Don’t hesitate and compete for an Innovator Award.

Get inspired by all the innovation in Belgium

The primary goal of the event is to acknowledge and celebrate innovation in Belgium, by recognising and rewarding companies and organisations that devise groundbreaking ideas and solutions. And who knows? The cases or companies on display might spark new ideas or partnerships for your organisation!

Network with Belgium’s biggest innovators

The event provides a perfect venue and occasion for networking with industry leaders, CEOs and C-level managers of renowned companies, venture capitalists, promising start-ups, government services, etc. We anticipate the attendance of over 400 individuals deeply passionate about innovation. A networking opportunity you do not want to miss. Be sure to join us.

Connect with your team and/or customers

Our award show format offers a table with a gastronomic dinner for 8 persons. Attend with your team or extend invitations for customers to join your table, watch the award show together and cultivate a stronger bond with the winners, nominees and other innovative companies present.

Get access to FTI SuperNova

In the two days following the Innovator Awards, the Waagnatie will be hosting FTI SuperNova, the event for tech entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and investors to team up with innovation enthusiasts to make the future possible. By attending the Innovator Awards, you'll receive two complimentary tickets for this two-day event. A total win-win!

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