A smart city is a safe city

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At a time when security in cities is facing increasingly complex challenges, Securitas, Orange and Robovision are joining forces for the "Smart city is a safe city" research project. This project contributes to a safer society thanks to advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and the use of 5G connectivity.

The integration of these technologies into security policies enables a faster, better coordinated and more efficient response to crisis situations. As a result, it significantly improves the safety of both citizens and responders in the field.

At the heart of the research project is the integration of new technologies such as 5G and AI. 5G networks will serve as secure data transporters and connectors, while AI takes on the crucial task of rapidly analyzing the data. By synergizing these technologies, data will not only be transported quickly and safely, but will also be filtered and intelligently processed. This allows security agencies to act faster and more appropriately, based on trusted insights. From using video images for deep learning to pattern recognition enabling real-time interventions and statistical analysis, each technology contributes to a more proactive approach to urban safety.

This research project focuses specifically on some key challenges for smart cities, such as aggression detection, crowd control and preventing illegal waste dumping. The use of new technological innovations makes it possible to move from a reactive to a predicitive approach to these challenges. Security authorities can not only respond to incidents more easily, but also prevent them more efficiently. Thanks to 24/7 camera surveillance and advanced analytics, crowd control measures can be implemented more competently, illegal waste dumping can be detected in real time and a fight can be detected even before it escalates. The use of AI for data analytics makes it more accessible for security authorities to recognize trends and respond strategically to these challenges.

Innovation roll-out in the field

These advanced technologies are also being deployed outside strategic control centers, allowing people operating in the field during emergencies to benefit as well. For example, there is the "Push to Talk" platform, which enables instant communication thanks to the speed and reliability of 5G. With the push of a button, instant voice or data communication is possible, without delays, which is crucial for emergency coordination and effectiveness. In addition, the integration of 5G in bodycams and dashcams allows real-time streaming of footage. This provides command centers and teams in the field with an immediate view of the situation, facilitating accurate decision-making.

By combining the strengths of 5G connectivity and AI, Securitas, Orange and Robovision are helping to create smart and safe cities. Moreover, the research project proves that embracing technological advances is crucial for a safer society.

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