Extreme Networks: a textbook example of how to make the most of your partnership

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Extreme Networks is playing a crucial role at Living Tomorrow by sharing their vision of the networking of the future through an interactive demo in the Zone City. This demo makes their vision of the future tangible for visitors, giving them a clear idea of the possibilities of future networks.

What is special about this demo is that it is mobile, which is why it has been featured at trade shows around the world, always making it clear that this innovation comes from the collaboration with Living Tomorrow. Extreme Networks is fully committed to this collaboration, as evidenced by the way they promote this partnership as an important part of their brand.

The creation of this demo has also allowed Extreme Networks to share their vision and ideas in a unique way. They have already managed to convince dozens of interested parties and potential customers to visit Living Tomorrow soon for specific innovation tours, which are currently being developed in collaboration with Extreme Networks. These tours are a direct result of the demo and their commitment, and demonstrate the value of hands-on demonstrations in sharing visions and attracting interest.

In addition, Extreme Networks is also an active participant in Living Tomorrow's workgroups. Not only do they submit proposals, but they also get involved in the implementation of other proposals, underlining their commitment to joint success.

Extreme Networks' employees are known for their active involvement, friendliness and constructive approach in addressing the complex challenges presented by Living Tomorrow. This positive interaction has been experienced at all levels of collaboration, further highlighting the strength and success of this partnership.

Norman Rice, CCO of Extreme Networks, at Living Tomorrow the Innovation Campus, exploring the demo zones with Joachim De Vos from Living Tomorrow.

Dr. Isabel Vermeulen from TomorrowLab interviewed Norman Rice, CCO of Extreme Networks at Living Tomorrow, the Innovation Campus.

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